Want to contact eRa? Read below first!


Make sure what you’re contacting us is formally written as well as important to our time. If we feel like your email is not of importance to us at a glance, we will ignore it. Most of the things to email us about is comprised of;

  • Staff Applications(Writers, Designers, Content Creators, etc.)
  • Team Applications
  • Sponsorship Proposals
  • Designs that you believe should be branded.
  • Compliants with any other Staff(Corruption, Fraudulent Activities, etc.)
  • Stuff we can fix upon branded accounts or our websites.

Again, if we feel it doesn’t pertain to any of the following subjects above nor an important subject not listed, we will disregard your email and if we feel if you are going to or have been spamming this email, we will mute your emails and regard them permanently as spam.

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